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March 20 is the beginning of Spring. With the warmer months coming, so are the pests. Even though more sightings of cockroaches are usually observed during the summer months, many may not realize cockroach infestations could be taking place in your home or business during the winter months. Yes, it’s true! During the cooler months, cockroaches will seek warmth and shelter from the cold.

While you may not have many sightings of cockroaches during the cooler months, (maybe none), that does not mean infestations are not occurring. Cockroaches being cold-blooded arthropods don’t like extreme weather conditions – both extremely hot and cold. During the winter months, cockroaches will enter a hibernation-like state of dormancy. This is called diapause in which their growth stops, and their metabolic rate slows down. Some could argue this is like pond fish that enter a state of torpor, similar to hibernation. If cockroaches can seek shelter with warmth and a good source of food and water, they can remain active all winter long reproducing.

The number of eggs produced vary between the species of cockroach and can lay dormant for 40 to 60 days. Cockroach eggs are found in a protective coating called the ootheca. Larger cockroaches like the American cockroach will have less eggs in the ootheca, for example 16 eggs in a single capsule, whereas smaller cockroaches like the German cockroach can have around 40 eggs in a capsule, making it sometimes more difficult to control the German cockroach.

Many rodent and pest problems are often found in the cavities of walls and other hard to reach or inaccessible areas of a home or commercial structure. Often, this is where electrical wiring to the premises is located. PLUG IN Pest Free utilizes this existing low-level electromagnetic field generated along the active electrical wiring. By pulse modulating the magnetic field at predetermined intervals, Pest Free reaches deep in those hard to reach or inaccessible areas where the magnetic field is present, driving out rodents and pests. This makes Pest Free a much safer option for your family and pets at home, and staff and customer at work than the potential health risks associated with handling and applying toxic pesticides and other harsh poisons.

When plugged into a working outlet, Pest Free works to protect your home or business 24/7*. Plugging in a Pest Free before summer arrives will help take control of your home or business to significantly reduce incoming infestations, and work towards driving out existing intruders. Pest Free will also work to drive out nymphs as they hatch from dormant laying eggs. PLUG IN Pest Free does not create an impenetrable forcefield around your home. Pest Free will work to drive out existing rodent and pest intruders, plus new arrivals that may to enter from time to time.

Due to ongoing supply chain issues, our inventory levels are still sporadic. While we try to always carry stock, occasionally some models may be out-of-stock for a period. We apologize for any inconvenience caused when a model is out-of-stock.

*There must be a constant active electricity supply along the electrical wiring generating a low-level electromagnetic field for PLUG IN Pest Free to operate.

PLUG IN Pest Free Control
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Q: How many eggs can a cockroach lay?
Check for the answer and interesting facts below.

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A: The amount of eggs a cockroach can lay varies depending upon species of cockroach. For example, an American cockroach can lay around 16 eggs per ootheca and can produce one capsule every month for ten months on average. A German cockroach can lay around 30 to 40 eggs per ootheca, and can produce around four to eight capsules during adulthood, producing a new capsule every six weeks.