Prevention is always better than the cure!

Of course prevention is always better than the cure, so here are some helpful tips that can go along way in controlling rodent and other pest problems before they invade your home or business.

Practice good hygiene. Keep your kitchen clean and avoid leaving open food sources laying around. Wipe down kitchen benches after meal preparation, keep food stored in sealed containers, and if you can’t wash dirty dishes straight away, rinse them off and leave them soaking in water.

Seal off any entry points. Sealing off cracks and other holes can help prevent entry into the premises. This includes around your plumping under sinks.

Trim back tree branches. If tree branches are touching your home or business, these branches can act as bridges allowing rodents and other pests to just walk on over.

Rinse food cans and jars. If you have a recycle bin, do not throw empty food cans and jars with food residue still inside. This will attract unwanted visitors, plus will make your bin smell. Instead, give them a rinse in water before discarding them.

Keep food waste sealed.

Repair or replace rotted roof shingles.

Keep your sinks plugged when not in use.

Do not store boxes or clutter on the ground, especially in garages, basements and attics. Instead, store items on shelving. If shelving is not an option, try to elevate with bricks or a pallet and keep several inches away from the wall. Create an airspace under and around your stored items.

Store firewood 15 feet or so away from the home and try to keep the firewood elevated off the ground.

Avoid leaving pet food laying around.