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PLUG IN Pest Free® World Leader in Electromagnetic Pest Control Technology

Welcome to the Pest Free USA website where you can deter those annoying rodents and pests in your home or business with the most effective electronic pest control product on the market today. Electromagnetic pest control has massively increased in popularity all over the world in the past few years. Many people are moving away from using poisons and other inhumane and dangerous methods. Instead, people are opting for something that is much more child and pet-friendly for their home, not to mention a far more humane way to control their rodent and pest problems. Our electromagnetic pest and rodent deterring devices are scientifically tested and consumer proven against rats, mice and to aid in the control of cockroaches.

We have the perfect solution for your home or business!

100% natural and does not use any chemicals or anything else that may be harmful to your pets or family


PLUG IN Pest Free USA Money Back Guarantee*

We are that confident in our electromagnetic pest control products that we offer all our customers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee* if you are not totally satisfied. We are also committed to give all our customers the same high level of customer service. If you have a question about our electronic pest control products call us today at 303-256-8088 during normal office hours.

Instead of going around your property with a spray bottle, now all you need is one of our plug-in electronic pest control devices, so you can sit back and enjoy a pest and rodent free home or business.