Rats and Mice invade homes and businesses for Warmth Shelter & Food and they can create damage and disease through contact with their Fur, Urine and Droppings.

They transfer diseases by contaminating food preparation areas and utensils, and the most alarming is their capacity to cause electrical fires by gnawing on electrical wiring, as they nest in roof ceilings, and wall cavities. Some Electrical House Fires and Business Fires throughout the world are caused by Rats every year.

Rats are prolific breeders and each litter consists of 6 to 8 young and this means infestations can increase rapidly in a home or business where they are left to stay, if they are not forced from the premises environment. Pest Free has proven since January 1995 our Chemical Free Solution is by far the best and we are sure you will agree that the best way to keep rodents away from your environment, is to change that environment. Pest Free alters what is normally a friendly environment for rodents into a hostile environment, with our Patented and Scientifically Tested Proven State of Art technology. Without jeopardizing the health of your family staff or customers by having to use the old ongoing traditional Toxic, Poisonous and Hazardous Chemical Treatments, by Pest Controllers. Chemicals & Bait treatments by Pest Controllers only create dead bodies & foul odours throughout your Home or Business & that is not HEALTHY!

Plug-In Pest Free is the way of the Future in ridding your home or business of Rats & Mice without the use of Chemicals.