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Do I Need Pest Control?

The short answer for homes and businesses is, YES! Pest control may not be a topic most like talking about, but pest control does play an important role in our daily lives. Without “keeping a lid” on rodents and pests, their numbers will rise dramatically causing serious health concerns to humans and even some pets.So should you lay baits, traps, and use pesticides in your home or business? Well, not necessarily, no. Using baits and traps can actually attract and cause more activity in some cases. Why? Good question. If you go fishing and cast a hook into the ocean, why would any fish come take a bite? There is no incentive for the fish to do so. But if you bait that hook, now you will start to attract the attention of fish nearby in search for food. The same can be applied to rodents. Rodents have an acute sense of smell, and can be attracted by baits causing them wanting to enter the premises. If your goal is to reduce activity, then why attract them?

There is much concern when it comes to the use of pesticides too. Pesticides pose potentially dangerous health, safety, and wellbeing risks to our families, pets, staff, customers, and of course, our precious environment. If they didn’t, then there would be no need for your exterminator to wear protective clothing and respirators while applying this toxic residue. During this time the toxic residue is applied, it is best all occupants remain away and your pets tied up, only to have you enter the premises later, unprotected.

For almost 30 years, PLUG IN Pest Free has lead the way in scientifically proven electromagnetic pest control technology. By utilizing the electrical wiring of a buildings structure that is generating a low-level electromagnetic field along active electrical wiring, Pest Free pulse modulates this magnetic field at predetermined intervals proven to be effective at driving rodents and pests away.

Whether you have a current infestation or wish to prevent one from occurring, let PLUG IN Pest Free protect your premises 24/7 year round. To see our current Residential and Commercial range, click here.

Is Leptospirosis Dangerous?

What is Leptospirosis? Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals. It is caused by bacteria of the genus Leptospira that are excreted in urine from infected animals including mice, rats, cattle, pigs and dogs. In humans, it can cause a wide range of symptoms including fever, chills, muscle aches, vomiting, jaundice (yellow eyes and skin), red eyes, stomach pain, diarrhea, and sometimes rash. However, some infected may show no symptoms at all.Without treatment, Leptospirosis can lead to kidney damage, meningitis (inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord), liver failure, respiratory distress, and even death according to the CDC –

Try to avoid touching surfaces that may be contaminated with animal urine. The bacteria can enter the body through skin or mucous membranes (eyes, nose, or mouth), especially if the skin is broken from cuts or scratches. With increased rat numbers exploding in many cities across the U.S. including New York, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to name a few, many surfaces could be contaminated. Sitting on a park bench or concrete ledge with a cut or scratch on your hand could cause concern. Rats and mice urinate often as a means of communication, therefore contaminating many surfaces they encounter.

Q: What is another name for Leptospirosis?
Check for the answer and interesting facts below.

Top Foodie Destinations

Looking for an excuse to get away? Why not chase your appetite? Whether you are after that perfect slice of pizza, a jawbreaking burger, a romantic al-a-carte restaurant, or the sweetest dessert. Let your taste buds lead the way.Here’s 9 top foodie destinations to set you on the right track by Food Fun Travel:

Commercial Pest Management System

Scientifically tested and patented electromagnetic pest control technology.

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Potato and Cheese Pierogi

Photo by: Victor Protasio / Food Styling by: Torie Cox / Prop Styling by: Josh Hoggle

Here’s a fantastic potato and cheese pierogi recipe by Adam Dolge from Food and Wine. It may be a labor of love but the end results are absolutely worth it. These pierogi are filled with potato and cheddar cheese. The ultra-cozy dumplings are topped with bacon and cabbage infused with browned butter. Click here for the full recipe.Active time: 1hr 40min / Total time: 2hr 15min / Servings: 4




A: Leptospirosis is also known as Weil’s disease. The most common ways to get infected is urine or contaminated water getting in your eyes, nose, mouth, or broken skin (such as a cut or scratch). You can also get infected by eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water.